How to make this Christmas one-of-a-kind

How to make this Christmas one-of-a-kind

This holiday season, shoppers are looking for something more than standard Christmas decorations and gifts. If you're looking to add a special touch to your holidays this year, what could be better than personalizing your decor and presents? When you create a one-of-a-kind craft, dish, or gift, you'll be adding a little extra magic to the holiday season. If you're not sure where to start, here are some ways to make Christmas memories you'll treasure forever.


Make your own decorations

Don't bother with store-bought tinsel and ornaments! This year, craft your own decorations to give your home an extra cozy atmosphere. For outdoor decorations, consider environmentally friendly decorations like a popcorn garland. In addition to decorating your trees with these beautiful garlands, you'll be decorating with birds who come to visit your yard! Instead of buying a wreath made out of plastic, learn to make your own with fallen branches or clippings from your own Christmas tree.

Indoors, let your creative spirit shine with crafts the whole family can enjoy. For ornaments, try making your own keepsakes out of kid-friendly clay. Older children might enjoy getting crafty with winter scene terrarium-style ornaments or glass ornaments decorated with paint and vinyl. If you're a bold crafter who doesn't mind a little mess, break out the glitter and glue for dazzling pine cones, glass globes, or any other object you want to jazz up!


Cook seasonal dishes

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to let kids help out with the cooking. For very young children, choose recipes that will allow them to participate without handling hot, sharp, or dangerous objects. A simple recipe like no-mixer sugar cookies will give children the chance to learn how to measure and stir ingredients with some adult help.

For older kids, Christmas is a great time to introduce family traditions. If you remember a seasonal treat from your own parents or grandparents, now is a great time to pass the recipe along. Turn your baking time into a learning opportunity by teaching kids about where the recipe came from and what makes it special to your family.


Send one-of-a-kind cards

If you've still got some crafting energy left after decorating your house, make some cards for your family! Kids will love getting the chance to hand-decorate cards, and relatives will treasure drawings they've created. For adults who want to make a more polished card, test your skills with a do-it-yourself craft. If you're feeling really bold, you can even made 3-dimensional cards.


Give a personalized present

If you want to pick up a gift that your children will treasure, don't stop by the store! Get them something created just for them. At Penwizard, we've worked with your kids' favorite book, movie, and television studios to create a line of customized books starring your child. You can design your child's avatar and see them going on an adventure with Peppa Pig, the PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and more! Pick up a personalized Christmas book for your family and you'll have a holiday keepsake they'll treasure for years.