Personalised Potty Training Books

Little pirates, princesses, and princes need to learn how to use the potty! Make toilet training easy and fun with our personalised books. All of our books are based on the beloved Pirate Pete & Princess Polly series. They're designed to introduce kids to the toilet in a fun and friendly way.

  1. Pirate Pete: Potty Training Personalised Book
    Pirate Pete: Potty Training Personalised Book

    Your child is a pirate who's ready to conquer the potty! Make potty training into a fun adventure in this book.

    ★ Design your starring pirate
    ★ Customise text and images
    ★ Square Hardback format

    As low as $34.99
  2. Princess Polly: Potty Training Personalised Book
    Princess Polly: Potty Training Personalised Book

    Your child is a princess who's ready for her new throne! Learn the basic "dos" and "don'ts" of potty training.

    ★ Personalise images and text
    ★ Customise your princess
    ★ Square Hardback format

    As low as $34.99
  3. Prince: Potty Training Personalised Book
    Prince: Potty Training Personalised Book

    Your child is a prince who's ready to use the potty! They'll be out of nappies in no time with the help of this book.

    ★ Personalise your prince
    ★ Customise images and text
    ★ Square Hardback format

    As low as $34.99

All About Penwizard

At Penwizard Personalised Books, we believe kids learn best when they see themselves at the center of a story. That's why our potty training books can be customised for your child. We've spent over a decade creating unique customisable books for kids. You can create a one-of-a-kind gift with personalised illustrations as well as text, so your child will see themselves in a story all about learning to use the potty!

We worked with the team behind the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books to create our customised toilet training books. They're printed and bound professionally, with premium paper and glossy wipeable covers.


You customise your order

As soon as you select the Click to Personalise button on the product page, you'll see all the things you can choose to make your book a unique customised gift. Our potty training books allow you to personalise the illustrations, change the text, and add a very special gift message.


We print your book

When you place your order, our printing process begins. Since each one of our books is custom-printed just for you, they take several days to print. You'll receive an email notification when we ship your order. You can choose your shipping speed at checkout.


You get your one-of-a-kind story!

Our potty training books are designed for adults and kids to read together. They're perfect for beginner readers who are ready to tackle the toilet! You can find books for every occasion by using our top navigation, checking our homepage, or choosing from our complete list of personalised books.


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