Shimmer and Shine Personalised Books

Your child stars in a set of adventures with the genies Shimmer and Shine! Our customisable books are just like episodes of the show, with your child taking the lead in solving magical problems. Both books have fully personalised text and illustrations, so your storybook is truly unique.

All About Penwizard

Penwizard Personalised Books has spent over a decade creating magical gifts for kids and adults. We believe that everyone should get to star in their very own stories. That's why our Shimmer and Shine books include customised text and illustrations. Every fan of the series will get to see themselves on the page in our birthday and Christmas stories.

We've worked closely with the team behind Shimmer and Shine to bring these books to you. Our books our printed on premium colour paper, with professionally-bound glossy covers.


You send us your order

As soon as you hit the Click to Personalise button on the product page, we'll take you through the steps of customising your very book. First, you'll be asked for the details about the starring child that will appear in the text. Next, you'll choose your star's hairstyle, hair colour, clothing colour, and more. 

We print your book

As soon as you complete your order, our printing process begins. It will take between 2 and 5 business days to print your personalised book. We'll ship your book as soon as printing is complete, and you'll get a message from us with your shipping details. Your shipping speed is chosen at checkout. Please make sure to allow extra time for shipping if you are ordering in the lead-up to a busy holiday!


You enjoy the personalised story!

Our Shimmer and Shine books are designed to help create a magical storytime. They're just like episodes of the show, with your child helping the genies solve their magical mistakes! To see the other products we have available, use our top navigation, check our homepage, or see our complete list of personalised books .


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