Mother’s Day activities for the whole family

Mother’s Day activities for the whole family

Mother’s Day is a holiday about honoring mums, but it’s also a celebration of a mother’s place in her family. As you plan a special surprise for mum this year, consider these activities that everyone in the family can enjoy together.


Make a meal together

Many families have a tradition of serving breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. It’s a fun way to start a great day, but sharing food doesn’t have to stop at breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can teach kids how to make some of mum’s favorite meals. If mum’s usually the head cook of the family, have someone else take over supervising and cleanup while she relaxes.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to pass down family recipes from older generations. It’s a great time to break out grandma’s recipe cards or her old recipe book. To create an extra special gift for mum, have your child type out old recipes or copy them into a notebook. Add illustrations of the finished dish or written memories of a time spent enjoying the meal for a personalised touch.


Get crafty as a family

A handmade gift is always appreciated, but when you create crafts together, you also get the special memory of making a piece of art. This year, get mum a crafting kit or craft supplies so the whole family can create something she’ll treasure.

Choose something she can enjoy that’s functional as well as beautiful. If she likes bird spotting, build or paint a birdhouse in her favorite colors. If she likes gardening, put together an outdoor planter, paint a flower pot, or create hand-lettered signs for the plants in her garden. For mums who enjoy lighting a candle when they relax, try making your own in a jam jar. You can even add crayons to create a rainbow of colors!


Read together

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Kids learn to read by listening to their parents and following along with spoken sounds. Even for adults, reading can be a group activity. Did you know that for most of human history, books were meant to be read out loud to an audience? You can bring that tradition back in your family by reading stories to each other. Kids can practice their verbal skills by reading a story out loud for mum and describing the pictures in their books.

And while you’re reading to mum, why not read a story about mum? We’ve created some very special books all about how great mums are. For fans of Peppa Pig, we’ve written a customisable book all about mums. You can personalise the illustrations in the story so mum can see herself on the page in the beloved Peppa Pig style! You can also include up to two children in the story. For families who want to experience an activity book together, our LEGO® City and LEGO® Harry Potter™ seek-and-find books give you the chance to find your mummy on every page!