Personalised Adventure Books

Our customisable adventure books are the perfect gift for any occasion. Your child stars in adventures on their birthday, at Christmas, and more! The text in these books goes beyond inserting your child's name into the story. You'll be able to fill your book with personalised details to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

All About Penwizard

Penwizard Personalised Books has been creating customised children's books for over a decade. We believe that every child should get to be the star of their own story. Our line of adventure books include more than your child's name. They include a range of personalised details so your storybook will be truly unique.

We print all of our books to high standards, so your custom-printed book will look just like one you can buy at a store. Our books are professionally-bound and use premium paper.


You customise your order

When you select the Click to Personalise button on the product page, we'll ask you for all the details that we'll be including in your story. All of our adventure books include customisable text. This will include personalised names, addresses, gift messages, and other special information like the names of friends who will be included in the story.


We print your book

We work closely with our printer to make sure that every one of our books meets our high standards. When you order your customised book, we'll print it within 2 to 5 business days. You'll get an email notification when we send your order out. You can choose your shipping speed at checkout. Please make sure to leave some extra time for delivery if you are ordering during a busy holiday season!


You get your one-of-a-kind story!

Our adventure storybooks are designed for intermediate readers. They're more advanced than our picture books, with stories that include lots of personal details! You can find books for every occasion by using our top navigation, checking our homepage, or choosing from our complete list of personalised books.


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