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Kids love search-and-find books, and early childhood educators love them too. While all books are great for teaching kids to read, the interactive nature of a seek-and-find book adds an extra element of play to the learning process. In addition to helping kids practice reading, these books are an interactive experience that help kids learn the skills they need to solve problems, create their own stories, and much more.


Learning shapes and colors

The real challenge in search-and-find books is picking out the character you’re looking for in a visually busy image. The only way to do it successfully is to be able to visually identify the character by their appearance. That means kids need to be able to understand and articulate the color of a character’s hair, the pattern on their shirt, the expression on their face, and more.

As kids learn more about shapes and colors, the

When will my child learn to spell their name?

When will my child learn to spell their name?

Many parents dread teaching their children how to spell. English is a difficult language that’s not always phonetic, and kids have so many things they’d rather be doing than puzzling over letters! Fortunately, most young children are very interested in their own names. Teaching your child to spell their name is an important part of getting kids interested in reading and writing for themselves.