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Kids love search-and-find books, and early childhood educators love them too. While all books are great for teaching kids to read, the interactive nature of a seek-and-find book adds an extra element of play to the learning process. In addition to helping kids practice reading, these books are an interactive experience that help kids learn the skills they need to solve problems, create their own stories, and much more.

When will my child learn to spell their name?

When will my child learn to spell their name?

Many parents dread teaching their children how to spell. English is a difficult language that’s not always phonetic, and kids have so many things they’d rather be doing than puzzling over letters! Fortunately, most young children are very interested in their own names. Teaching your child to spell their name is an important part of getting kids interested in reading and writing for themselves.

What does a "reading level" really mean?

What does a "reading level" really mean?

If you have an early reader in your family, you’ve probably already heard teachers talking about reading levels.

Five last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

1. Personalised BBQ Set

For any grill loving Dad, why not get the kids to decorate a set of BBQ utensils which you can pick up in most stores.  Add a message like ‘No. 1 Dad’ or “Grill master Steve’ to make it really personalised.

You will need:

  • BBQ Utensils
  • Acrylic paint

2. Giant Personalised Cookie

An easy peasy recipe using stock cupboard ingredients. It’s quicker than individual cookies and makes a bigger impact. The kids can get involved and decorate it with Smarties/M&Ms or chocolate chips which is way less messy than icing!

You will need:

  • 225g (1 cup) butter melted and cooled, unsalted is best but you can use salted
  • 350g (2 cups) soft light brown sugar is best but regular will do if that’s what you have
  • 2 eggs

It's World Book Day!

It's World Book Day!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Penwizard blog!

World Book Day is here! It's a day for celebrating reading, telling magical stories and everything good about books! At Penwizard, we love books and love sharing our fantastic stories featuring our favourite characters from PAW Patrol, Trolls, LEGO and Peppa Pig.

World Book Day is about encouraging children to start becoming passionate about reading, open their imaginations and enjoy reading their favourite books!

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Penwizard blog!

This month marks a very special anniversary for one of the most recognisable Christmas characters of our time, The Snowman.

It's the 40th anniversary of The Snowman and his trusty companion, The Snowdog and we want to help them celebrate their big day by offering a fantastic special offer on our Snowman books!


To help celebrate the launch of the anniversary edition, we've got another special offer just for you:

Buy both of our Snowman titles, The Snowman and The Snowman and the Snowdog, and save 20% on your order!

The offer lasts until Christmas day, so you've got plenty of time to get your own Snowman books in time for Christmas!

Get yours by visiting

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Penwizard blog!

In our last blog post, we introduced our latest PAW Patrol Christmas adventure, and now we're happy to introduce our latest Christmas adventures which feature some familiar faces...

Our new personalised stories will feature your favourite characters from Shimmer and Shine and Blaze and the Machines, who are two of our favourites here at Penwizard!

Here's a little look at our latest Blaze and the Machine and Shimmer and Shine stories:

SAS Xmas    
In this fabulously festive story, Shimmer and Shine ask your ch

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Penwizard blog!

This time of year is the most exciting for us as we're all working hard to put the biggest smiles on your families faces!

It's also our busiest time of the year, so our wizards are working around the clock to make this Christmas the best ever!

With that being said, this Christmas, we're doing something extra special... We're releasing three new Christmas stories!!!

Our new stories will feature your favourite characters from PAW Patrol, which is the first of our new releases, alongside two stories that we can't reveal just yet... but we know that

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Penwizard blog!

So we don't know if you've noticed anything different recently... We have a brand new website! 

Our Wizards have been working hard behind the scenes creating a new website designed with you in mind and ensuring that your experience with Penwizard is the best it can be.

We're so excited to be launching the new website and showcasing some fantastic new features:

  • An improved preview feature that allows you to flip through the first several pages of each personalised book so you know a bit more about each story and the customization