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Personalized Children's Books

Create your own personalized children's book and step into a brilliant new world of adventure. Customize a character and the details in your story to star alongside some of your favorite children's TV characters!

LEGO® City: Search-and-Find Personalized Book
from $22.99
A fabulous Christmas surprise for LEGO® fans. Options to customize mini figures for both adults and children and give them a starring role in this search-and-find adventure, make this the perfect personalized Christmas gift for LEGO® fans of all ages.
LEGO NINJAGO: Search-and-Find Personalized Book
from $22.99
This personalized search-and-find book is the perfect Christmas gift for LEGO® fans. The delighted recipient of this special gift will be kept busy throughout the festive period as they travel through NINJAGO® World searching for their customized mini figure.

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