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Personalized Books for Children

Personalized DreamWorks Trolls: Your Child's Party

from $24.99
In this personalized Trolls book, your child joins Poppy in Troll Village for a birthday celebration! This Trolls book is fully customized and full of dancing, singing, and glitter.

Personalized The Snowman Book Starring Your Child

from $24.99
Celebrate the Snowman's 40th anniversary with this limited edition personalized Christmas book! A classic Christmas tale sprinkled with personalized magic. Based on the adventure by Raymond Briggs, your child enters the magical world of the Snowman, starring in over 30 pages of charming illustrations!

Personalized Snowman And The Snowdog Book

from $24.99
Your child enters a story of Christmas magic involving a snowy adventure with a snowman and snowdog. Personalize this story with your child's character that appears on the front cover and throughout the beautiful, festive illustrations!

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