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Personalized Books for Children

DreamWorks Trolls: Birthday Party Personalized Book
from $24.99
Help Poppy throw the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST party ever in this personalized DreamWorks Trolls book. Customize your character using a range of hair and skin colors, outfits, and even options for glitter and glasses! With a premium matte cover, this story makes a beautiful keepsake.
The Snowman: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
In this personalized edition of the classic Raymond Briggs tale, you enter the magical world of The Snowman. Fantastic hand-drawn, custom illustrations including your choice of hairstyle, skin tone, and more appear throughout the story. Bound in a premium matte cover, this book makes a beautiful festive keepsake. Customize your own gift now.
The Snowman and the Snowdog: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
This personalized adaptation of Raymond Briggs' classic tale starts with the sad loss of a family pet. Alongside a magical snowman, you visit the North Pole and have the adventure of a lifetime. Custom illustrations include your choice of hairstyle, clothing, skin tone, and more details which you get to customize.

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