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Personalized Children's Books

Create your own personalized children's book and step into a brilliant new world of adventure. Customize a character and the details in your story to star alongside some of your favorite children's TV characters!

DreamWorks Trolls: Birthday Party Personalized Book
from $24.99
Help Poppy throw the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST party ever in this personalized DreamWorks Trolls book. Customize your character using a range of hair and skin colors, outfits, and even options for glitter and glasses! With a premium matte cover, this story makes a beautiful keepsake.
The Snowman: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
Raymond Briggs' nostalgic and heart-warming Christmas tale of The Snowman was written over 40 years ago but is still as appealing today as it was then. Our version can be personalized to include your child in the heart of the story. The beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations allow you to choose custom options such as hairstyle and color, skin tone and pyjama color so that your child is represented throughout the story. This book is a special, festive keepsake that adults and children alike will delight in sharing.

The perfect gift for children aged 4+ years
The Snowman and the Snowdog: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
This personalized adaptation of Raymond Briggs' classic tale starts with the sad loss of a family pet. Alongside a magical snowman, you visit the North Pole and have the adventure of a lifetime. Custom illustrations include your choice of hairstyle, clothing, skin tone, and more details which you get to customize.

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