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Personalized Christmas Books

Create magical Christmas memories and give the most unique holiday gift this year with one of our custom Christmas titles. Personalize your festive story and read it year after year. Perfect for Christmas Eve boxes or as stocking fillers!

The Snowman: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
In this personalized edition of the classic Raymond Briggs tale, you enter the magical world of The Snowman. Fantastic hand-drawn, custom illustrations including your choice of hairstyle, skin tone, and more appear throughout the story. Bound in a premium matte cover, this book makes a beautiful festive keepsake. Customize your own gift now.
Christmas Adventure Personalized Book
from $15.99
Help Santa deliver his gifts while learning about Christmas traditions around the world in this customized Christmas book. Personalize your story with your name, hometown, up to 3 friends, and more. This timeless tale will be cherished and read for years to come by any boy or girl.
The Snowman and the Snowdog: Christmas Personalized Book
from $24.99
This personalized adaptation of Raymond Briggs' classic tale starts with the sad loss of a family pet. Alongside a magical snowman, you visit the North Pole and have the adventure of a lifetime. Custom illustrations include your choice of hairstyle, clothing, skin tone, and more details which you get to customize.

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