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A range of our own Penwizard Books

Personalized Medieval Princess Book


Immerse your child and their friends in this medieval tale full of magical board games, dragons and enchanting castles! Can your child have the courage to defeat the evil queen? Customize the star of the story to look like your child!

Personalized Soccer Book: Your Child Plays for the Team


Your child is chosen to play in the final game, are they up for the challenge? Customize their character, uniform, team coach in addition to including friends to star with them in the nail-biting game!

Personalized Wizard School Book


A personalized, spellbinding tale full of enchantment, magic spells and your child as the hero! 


Personalized Medieval Knight Book

Your child becomes a brave knight and travels to an enchanted, medieval land with their friends. Can they work together to save the magical dragon, Gardomon? Personalize leading character to look like your child and include up to two friends!

Your Child Saves Christmas Personalized Book

From $19.99 - $29.99

Father Christmas and his elves need your child's help to save Christmas! Customize the leading character to look like your child as they appear on the front cover and throughout the whole story!

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