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PAW Patrol Personalized Books

PAW Patrol is on a roll! Choose from our Birthday book, Father's Day book, Christmas book, or maybe get the whole collection! Create your character and completely customize your own personalized PAW Patrol adventure.

PAW Patrol: Birthday Personalized Book
from $22.99
Spend your birthday with your favorite pups in Adventure Bay. This exciting story is filled with personalized details like your name and hometown and has a custom character which looks just like you. A great gift to customize for any PAW Patrol fan!
Personalized PAW Patrol: Adventures with Daddy
from $22.99
Whether your favorite guy goes by Daddy or Grandpa, Pops or Dad, this personalized PAW Patrol adventure makes for the best storytime with him. Customize 2 characters—1 adult and 1 child—with a range of hairstyles, skin tones and more. Perfect for a birthday or Father's Day!

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