About Penwizard

Reading develops many positive characteristics in children and when a child sees themselves at the heart of a story the effect can be even more powerful.  

★ Self-confidence can improve empathy, and understanding of their own and others' emotions can become easier.

★  Books can take us anywhere, to other cities, other worlds, other cultures so children will learn about other people and their customs and traditions, developing a better understanding of the world around them.

★  Reading with your child will undoubtedly create a stronger bond and your child will benefit from the positive attention and reassurance.

★  Encourage creativity and imagination with your child. When we read a story we have to visualise places and people, guess what might be coming next.

Each of our storybooks offers the opportunity to customise details that will create a character to represent your child, giving them a starring role in their very own magical adventure. Each and every book we print is unique, just like your child!

What separates us from other personalised books are the relationships we have with our characters and the wonderful brands who own them. The characters are what encourages your child’s imagination, so we make sure we work with the very best there is.

Your child knows and loves the characters in our books and therefore will look forward to reading them, and will be amazed and delighted to see their own character within the same story.

We're a small team with a real passion for going the extra mile to put a smile on your child's face.

Through our high-quality and customisable illustrations, you can put your little one at the heart of the story. And for more advanced readers, we have age-appropriate books with text that can be personalised to include your child in the story.

With our user-friendly website, it will take you a matter of minutes to customise one of our amazing titles and create the perfect personalised gift for your child that will be treasured for years to come!

The Penwizard Story

Welcome to the wonderful world of Penwizard personalised books! We want to celebrate, share, and encourage our love of reading with all children from as early an age as possible. That is why we have created a range of personalised books that put your child at the heart of the story alongside well-known and well-loved characters from animated television and cinema. We love children and we love children’s books, which is why, many years ago we decided to set up a company that took children’s books to a different level.

Back in 2004 a personalised book simply included a child’s name, and possibly that child’s hometown. We decided to use our skill and expertise to push the boundaries to create inspirational books where children actually appear in the pictures of the story as well as in the words. Since then we have entertained over 500,000 children with our range of personalised books. Each and every book we have printed is unique, just like your child.

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