Dora the Explorer is back, and we're not just talking about Lost City of Gold...


If even reading the name "Dora" gets a certain theme song stuck in your head, if some of the first Spanish words you ever learned came from a purple monkey in rain boots, the chances are good that our favourite little adventurer holds a special place in your childhood memories.

Nickelodeon has recently premiered their new live-action movie: Dora the Explorer and the Lost City of Gold. And, in celebration of this nostalgic blast-from-the-past, we've decided to launch our newest personalised book: [Name] and Dora's BIG Birthday Adventure.

Completely customisable, this storybook stars you! Choose your own hairstyle, skin tone, clothing, eye colour, and more. Then join Dora and friends on an exciting birthday adventure. Your child might even learn a bit of Spanish along the way!

Whether your child already loves Dora or your own love for the timeless Nick Jr brand is tugging at your heart strings, this custom tale is perfect any boy or girl.

Dora is back and better than ever—on the big screen and in her own custom book, and this time it's also starring you!