How It’s Made: Building a Personalised LEGO® Book


For nearly two decades, Penwizard's been bringing your favourite brands to life with the world's best personalised children's books. Choose from LEGO, PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, and more!

custom book LEGO Ninjago search-and-find blog

With our newest customised search-and-find book nearing release, would you like to know exactly what it takes for our team to get our products across the finish line?

The first—and arguably most important—step is to be on the same page as our brand partners. In this case, our team has worked very closely with the folks at LEGO® and their publishing partners. This is a global effort requiring team members from Denmark, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We put forward a story idea and work with our partners for approvals and concept/story edits.

Next, our designers work with the LEGO design team to modify and create new artwork. For our new LEGO Ninjago book, this meant working on our child-sized and adult-sized minifigure personalisation options (hair colour, hair style, skin tone, outfit, etc. etc. etc.). It also means finding creative ways to work the custom minifigures into the search-and-find pages.

When the book’s gone through final approvals, it’s all hands on deck as we prepare for development and launch! From creating our marketing materials, to prepping our site and the actual books for production with our printers, this is no small task.

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Then comes the fun stuff: You get to create your very own personalised LEGO® minifigure and bring it to life in your search-and-find book! Build yours and pre-order today to be among the first LEGO fans to get your very own.