Back-to-school season doesn't have to be stressful

 Back-to-school season doesn't have to be stressful
Back to school season is upon us! Around the world, parents are getting ready to send their kids to in-person pre-schools, daycares, and primary schools.

This is often a difficult transition for young children, who must go from a summer at home to the more structured environment of a classroom. After the chaos of the previous year, many kids are more reluctant than ever to have their routines change yet again.

This doesn’t mean that a return to school must be traumatic for children! Parents and guardians can help children get excited about school with these tips.

Start a morning routine early and stick with it

Instead of jumping into a strict schedule immediately, start a morning routine several weeks before kids return to school. Get them used to waking up, dressing, and having breakfast on their new schedule. Make sure to build some extra time in so that you’re not rushing around in a panic! Children pick up on the emotions that adults in their lives are displaying, so if you seem flustered, they will learn to get upset in the morning too.

Express excitement about how fun school will be

Don’t teach your kids that class is boring or frightening. Begin talking with them now about how much fun they’ll have playing with other students and learning new things. This is especially important for children who struggled with remote learning during the pandemic. If their only memories of class are dealing with glitchy conference calls, they probably won’t be excited about the new school year! Help them understand that in-person learning is full of opportunities to play and be creative.

Read books about school

Sometimes, children fear upcoming events because they don’t have enough life experience yet to understand what is going to happen. Reading them stories about school will help them get a better sense of what they’ll be doing all day. We created our Your Child and Peppa Pig Go to Playgroup Book book for children who are getting ready for daycare, pre-school, or elementary school. It’s all about your child attending class with Peppa Pig, so it’s a great way to make school seem fun and not scary!

Give kids a sense of control with back-to-school shopping

Don’t just arrive at home with a confusing new pile of notebooks, lunch boxes, and backpacks. Take your child shopping with you or let them sit with you while you choose products online. Ask them which colors and styles of products they prefer, and look for products featuring their favorite characters. Giving kids the option to choose their own school supplies will help encourage a sense of responsibility and excitement about the upcoming school year.