3 Ways to Make this Halloween Magical

3 Ways to Make this Halloween Magical

Halloween is the season of witches, wizards, and all sorts of otherworldly creatures. What better time to enjoy a bit of do-it-yourself magic? You can help your kids cast a seasonal spell with these holiday activities.

Give your yard a mystical glow

As the days get darker, light up the night with some glow-in-the-dark crafts. Thanks to the properties of phosphor, glowing tape, fabric, and paint look normal in the sunlight. But when darkness falls, they start emitting an eerie glow.

Ask your kids for help decorating your front door, driveway or the side of your house with glow-in-the-dark tape or temporary decorations. Instead of carving pumpkins, use phosphorescent paint to create a hidden picture that only shows up at night. You can create a magical scene together without using any electricity at all!


Teach your kids some (almost) real magic

Looking for a teaching moment that combines learning and play? Introduce your kids to the art of creating optical illusions. You only need some objects you already have at home to show off the way scientific principles can create impossible-to-believe scenes.

Even adults will have a hard time believing the reversing arrow illusion the first time they see it. All this trick needs is a clear glass, a piece of paper, a marker, and some water. Draw two arrows pointing left, one above the other, on the paper. Place the paper behind the glass and pour water into it until the first arrow is covered. As if by magic, it’s pointing the other way! Thanks to the way light refracts through water and a curved glass, the arrow appears to change directions.

For a Halloween-themed second act, show your child how to create a jack-o-lantern illusion. On one small piece of paper or notecard, ask them to draw an uncarved pumpkin. On another, have them draw a sweet or scary face. When they’re done, tape the two cards together illustration side-out on a stick. When your child spins the stick between their hands, the face on one side of the paper and the pumpkin on the other move so fast that the eye blends them together, creating a jack-o-lantern carved as if by magic!


Experience the adventure of our LEGO® Harry Potter book

Penwizard has a special treat this year for fans of the Wizarding World. Our personalised search-and-find LEGO® Harry Potter book will send a very special child on a magical journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your child will have fun searching for their own minifigure from the top of the tallest tower to the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

With our LEGO® series, you can do more than customize the star’s name and gender. Our customization options allow you to select your child’s hairstyle, expression, clothing, and even more! This book also includes options for adult minifigures--so it makes a perfect gift for Hogwarts graduates as well as future students.