Blog: Christmas Truths

The moment the magic of Christmas is broken


I'm in denial that there will come a time that my children will not believe in Father Christmas although I'm pretty sure the eldest is showing signs of suspicion this year.

Last night we had an unprompted Q&A session about the red-suited man that shows the secret may soon be discovered... how does he fit down the chimney, especially as we don't have one?, how does he visit everyone's homes in just one night?, why is there a Lego fire station kit hidden in your bedroom cupboard... can't Santa fit it on his sleigh?

Recently a teacher at a Dorset primary school told a room of eight-year-olds that there was no such thing as Father Christmas and received strong criticism from parents who felt that the kids were not quite ready to learn the truth.

Headteacher Simon Adorian admitted to the Daily Mail that the teacher had rather misjudged the impact of his revelation after one pupil raised the question about whether ii is possible for one man to really deliver all the presents.

"He responded clumsily and didn't do his best," said the headteacher.

"He was asked whether he existed and responded in a way, and with a look, that gave them doubt.

"He made a mistake, but we have covered it up, just as you do with children and they haven't asked about it anymore."

Of course some parents don't like to encourage a belief in the father figure of Christmas. Even Brad Pitt told E!News last month that he felt the whole Father Christmas myth is the ultimate betrayal by parents.

I'm not sure why I'm so worried about the children realising the truth, is it because they will discover I've been lying all these years or do I think it will make Christmas less special?

To be honest I'm starting to think that I'm afraid they are growing up too fast. First they realise about Santa, then what next? University, marriage, children...

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