Blog: Don’t let your Fathers’ Day Become a Sad Tale!

What brings a family together better than snuggling up at story-time? Well here at Penwizard, we love to deliver smiles to the whole family with our personalised children’s books. With Fathers’ Day fast approaching, it’s time to bring Daddy in on the fun. But it seems not everyone is treating their daddy on this special day! Last year, it was estimated that shoppers spent over £684 million on Father’s Day gifts and treats. In 2014, UK shoppers spent £52 million on Father’s Day cards and wrapping paper alone! Yet this staggering amount seems tiny compared to the amount spent for Mothers’ Day on the same years. Mothers of the UK received a whopping £1.3 billion worth of goodies in 2014. At least here at Penwizard we won’t leave any Daddy behind! We understand how much children love reading stories with their daddies, and what better way to celebrate Fathers’ Day than to curl up on the sofa and read after a busy day? Your child and their daddy can star in our Peppa Pig: My Daddy book alongside Peppa and her Daddy Pig. Together your child and Peppa talk about the things they love about their Daddies in this funny personalised children’s book! With Father’s Day getting closer, it’s never been a better time to give your child and their daddy a gift they’ll treasure for years. What’s more, if you order Peppa Pig: My Daddy and want to bring other family members in on the fun, you can receive 20% off buying a second, third or even fourth book! For the latest promotions, news and photos, why not join us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

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