Personalized Books for Grandparents

Show Grandma and Grandpa how much you love them with books that put kids and grandparents at the center of the story. You can design your adult and child characters, so you'll see your kids going on adventures with their grandparents! These are the perfect gifts for birthdays, Grandparents Appreciation Day, holidays, and more!

All About Penwizard

At Penwizard Personalized Books, we've spent more than a decade creating unique gifts for families to enjoy together. We believe that every family should be celebrated in our stories. Our books for grandparents include the option to personalize the illustrations as well as the text. You'll get to see your granny or grandpa on the page in the style of Peppa Pig or the PAW Patrol!

We work closely with the teams behind the PAW Patrol and Peppa Pig to bring our books to you. Every one of our stories is printed on premium color paper and professionally bound with a glossy cover.


You send us your order

As soon as you click the Click to Personalize button on the product page, we'll take you through everything that you can choose to make your book one-of-a-kind. First, you'll provide details that will appear in the text. Next, you'll design your starring child. You'll then be able to personalize your Grandma or Grandpa character. Our Peppa Pig books include multiple child characters, so you'll also have the option of adding more grandchildren! Our PAW Patrol books are all about one child and their adventures with a very special grandparent.


We print your book

Our printing process begins as soon as you complete your order. Since our products are custom-printed, it will take between 2 and 5 business days to create your unique book. We'll send you a confirmation email when your order ships. You can choose your shipping speed at checkout.

You enjoy the personalized story!

Our books for grandparents are made for your whole family to enjoy together. To see the other products we have available, use our top navigation, check our homepage, or see our complete list of personalized books .


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