About Penwizard

Welcome to the wonderful world of Penwizard! We love reading, and we believe everyone should get the chance to be the star of their very own story. That's why we've created a range of personalized books that put children and adults at the heart of the story, alongside their favorite characters from some of the most popular television, film, and toy brands.

As a team, we believe in taking books to the next level. When we got started in 2004, personalized books usually just included a child's name in a generic story. We decided to blend our technical expertise with our creative vision to create books where kids appear in the illustrations as well as the text. Our stories include loads of personalized details, so each book feels like it was written just for your child. We've entertained over 700,000 children all over the world with our customized stories. Each and every book we print is unique, just like your child!

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Danny helps with tech and day to day operations. He enjoys playing and watching sports. He tries to learn each day from the team, his family and friends.

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Georgia oversees all that happens at Penwizard. She enjoys cooking, and loves to go sailing at the weekends.

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Richard tested the idea for Penwizard at London train stations with his kids. He guided the team from mail order to online. His wine cellar is exemplary.

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Leah is head of our Marketing team and oversees daily operations. She enjoys watching crime documentaries and spending time with family.



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Marc is the systems and tech guy and has been with us from day one. He loves spending time with family & friends, and getting away from it all on his bicycle.

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Sam designs all of our storybooks for you and your children to enjoy! He’s a big film buff who loves travelling, cooking and going to music festivals.


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Our finance guru Zoe loves all things numbers. In her spare time she enjoys long drives and music festivals.



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Alan is our Digital Marketing expert. He loves his offroading, football and the latest tech gadgets.



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Demetria is on our Marketing team. She's a lifelong geek who loves books, video games, and podcasts.


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Jess is who you will be chatting to when you contact us. She loves music, food, Netflix and hanging out with friends and family.



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Qaiser provides support for our Web Development team. He's a master of troubleshooting!

The Penwizard Experience

At Penwizard, we've been creating customized books for children and adults for more than a decade. We believe everyone should get the chance to be the star of their own story. Our books do more than just allow you to insert a name into a story. Each one is full of personalized details.

We've worked with the brand owners and creators of classic storybooks, television shows, and toys to bring our personalized stories to you. We print our books to the highest standards, using professional binding and premium quality paper. We want our books to be gifts that will be treasured for years to come!


Got a question for us?

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about Penwizard. You can email help@penwizard.com and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day. Meanwhile, you can check out our FAQ page for information on common questions about pricing, delivery times, and more.

What's the deal with personalized books?

Early childhood is a crucial stage in the development of reading and writing skills. When kids see themselves in a story, they're more likely to engage with it and want to learn how to read it themselves.

Our books are designed to teach kids how to read in a fun and engaging way. Our illustrated storybooks help kids learn how to spell their name, recognize words in sentences, and other crucial early literacy skills. Our search-and-find activity books teach kids about shapes, colors, recognizing differences between images, and more. Our adventure books for more advanced readers include personalized details kids need to know how to read and write such as their own address and the names of friends and family members.

Our customized books aren't just for kids! Adults can also enjoy seeing themselves throughout the story. Our family books are designed for children and adults to enjoy together, with multiple characters to design and enjoy in the story. They're the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent.

Updated September 2021.