Personalized Pirate Pete and Princess Polly Books

Make potty training fun with our Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books. Your little one stars as a pirate, prince, or princess who's learning to use the potty. Make toilet training fun with our books, which include some basic "dos" and "don'ts" for the bathroom.

All About Penwizard

At Penwizard Personalized Books, we believe that every kid should get the chance to see themselves in a book. That's why we've spent more than a decade creating one-of-a-kind customized books for kids. Our Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books aren't just name-in-a-story books. You can personalize the illustrations as well as the text, so your child will be a part of the pictures as well as the story.

We've worked closely with the team behind the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books to bring these personalized gifts to you. Our books are printed with premium paper and professional binding, so they're lovely and durable gifts.


You customize your order

When you click the Click to Personalize button, we'll take you through our customized order process. All of our Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books include personalized illustrations as well as text. That means you'll be choosing your child's name, hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, and more.


We print your book

Our printing process starts as soon as you complete checkout for your order. Our books take several days to print, since these are custom products. We'll send an email notification to you as soon as your order ships. Your shipping speed can be chosen at checkout.


You get your one-of-a-kind story!

Our Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books are designed to be engaging for kids who are ready for potty training. They make the toilet training process fun! You can find books for every occasion by using our top navigation, checking our homepage, or choosing from our complete list of personalized books.


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